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5 Important facts about real extra virgin olive oil


Find out what to look out for when buying extra virgin olive oil, how to use and store it.

1. Real extra virgin olive oil must be stored in dark bottles. Light damages the oil and transparent packaging is made primarily for marketing purposes without thinking about what it does to the product.

2. Real extra virgin olive oil always smells pleasant. It can be the smell of cut grass, apples, Mediterranean herbs, artichoke, but it is always pleasant. If the smell is unpleasant, know that something is wrong with the oil.

3. You can cook with olive oil. It is a myth that olive oil burns at low temperatures. Maybe you won't fry on it, primarily because of the price, but extra virgin olive oil is always a better option for cooking than refined blended, sunflower or palm oil.

4. Flavoured olive oils are generally of lower quality and contain artificial flavors. If you really want to buy olive oil flavored with lemon or other things, read the ingredients first. A better option are fused or infused olive oils where fruits or plants are processed together with the olives or where aromatic oils are added to the olive oil after processing.

5. With olive oil, the rule that quality is proportional to price almost always applies. You can find anything on the market, but if you want to buy the best product to feed yourself and your family, then look for oils from small producers that specify the variety, processing method and harvest year. As a rule, such oils can be found in specialized stores or in the manufacturer's web shops.